Methodology and Tips – Is a Tens Unit Helpful

Both Paula & Brett has suffered from Chronic Pain in the Past

Pain is an uncomfortable sensation conveyed by the brain cells to the sensory neurons which make us experience the feeling. This unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation can range from being easygoing, localized to excruciating. Pain has been classified into two categories i.e. Acute pain (which is of a more temporary nature and can be achieved by minor cuts, bruises, strains, sprains, fractures and also can be unpleasant sensory emotional experience) and Chronic pain (caused by injury, infections or trauma of any kind and is more of a persistent nature). In chronic pain the nervous system carries forward the pain signals for weeks to months to years also.

Common forms of chronic pain are migraine, joint or surgery pain, back pain, sinus pain, back pain and shoulder or neck pain. People going through chronic pain should undergo Chronic Pain Relief to ease their pain. Different Chronic Pain Relief treatments are administered on people depending on the degree of pain. Treatment ranges from use of allopathic medicines, to anti-depressants and therapies.

In order to get Chronic Pain Relief one can use different methods viz.

• Use of acupuncture,

• Use of anti convulsions,

• Use of electric Stimulation (Tens Unit)

• Use of chiropractic treatment

• Application of ice or heat on the injury spot,

• Use of pain killers,

• Use of acupressure,

• Use of behavioral therapy,

• Use of massage therapy,

• Use of phototherapy.

It is suggested that the best TENS unit can play a role in pain relief in mild situation. But for severe chronic pain situation, a chiropractic treatment will be more advisable. There are a few mental tips also following which one can attain Chronic Pain Relief to some extent. They are:

• Try and focus on the real cause of the pain, change your daily habit if this is the real cause of it,

• Breathing is considered as the force of life and doing it in a meticulous way deals well with the pain,

• Build a supportive network around yourself and share your feelings with them,

• A natural way to attain relief is to distract oneself from in different activities,

• Sometimes crying, moaning or screaming helps in releasing the pain.

What you have to do in order to relieve your chronic pain other than using TENS Unit

In order to attain complete Chronic Pain Relief one has to follow certain rules. One must stay hydrated all the time, sleep well, reduce levels of stress, strain and anxiety, and should also take sufficient amount of vitamin supplements. Nowadays we have many pain specialists coming up with various kinds of treatments ranging from drugs to implants and also electric simulations in order to offer you Chronic Pain Relief to a maximum extent.

As you can imagine celebrity may live in a high level of stress every day. Here is the way how these celebrities (including George Clooney, Tobey Maguire, Marcia Cross) dealing with their chronic pain.