Spectra 9 Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump Reviews

Breast Pump Reviews loves this model of pump. It’s everything I would ask for. This pump, after one use, I can say it’s worth buying. It’s portable like the Medela Swing SINGLE pump which I bought when nursing my second baby, but

Spectra 9 is a double pump

. I won’t be tied down to one spot of your home, office, or otherwise. I can run it with the battery instead of being locked in one spot plugged into a wall.

It has a strap so that you can hang it from your neck like the Medela Swing or Freestyle. It’s very comparable to the freestyle for a much more affordable price and I yielded more milk from the Spectra 9 then I ever did from the freestyle nor the Swing.

I’m nursing my 3rd baby and I’ve tried all kinds of pumps. Single, Double, Electric, Hand/ Lansinoh, Evenflo, Medela, etc. I am impressed with Spectra 9 in so many ways. I’m going on a business trip in July and am so happy I found and bought this portable and efficient pump by Spectra 9.

The moms at Breast Pump Reviews love this model because:

  • DUAL PHASE “Let-down” pumping program: This means you can start with a more rapid cycle to stimulate let down faster.

  • Small and lightweight too!

  • Large DIGITAL LCD Screen: for ease of viewing and adjusting your pumping cycle program

  • Adjustable Vacuum and speed, even in let-down mode, for your customized comfort.

  • BPA Free: Chosen for you and your baby, all parts that come into contact with the breast milk are BPA free.

  • Built in RECHARGEABLE BATTERY for pumping on the go, so you can pump anywhere at anytime.

  • Provides 3 hours of pumping when fully charged.

  • DuaHYGIENIC protection: Prevents any potential milk back-flow, making sure that hygiene is maintained at all times.

I had more success with the Spectra 9 THAN ANY OTHER PUMP I HAVE OWNED! You can adjust the suction strength and cycle speed on the Spectra(even when it is in Let-down mode!), and the maximum suction is strong (I don’t know any technical numbers). What is unique for me, is the ability to be able to change the `cycle length’ or how quickly the pump completes the sucking action.

I had the best results when I had the cycle length pretty quick (just like my feeders) and the suction near to the highest strength. This will be different for everyone, I imagine, but I was just so excited to see milk in the collection bottle. The massage mode was successful in enabling my let down response. This massage mode is one of the things that this Breast Pump Reviews site loves so much.

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