TENS Units to Buy

My pain is deep beneath the surface of my skin. I heard about the infrared light wand from a buddy. I decided to buy it and I am so glad I did. I can use the wand all over my body and target each painful site. The infrared light calms and soothes my nerves. During the winter time this handy wand comes in hand the most. The cold weather really causes additional pain so I am glad I found this.

 Jim Beckman – Orlando, FL

 The ultrasonic fyola helped with the growth of new tissue. I use it all the time to help promote my body to build new cells. I have many torn muscles and have been trying to build new muscle. Because of this device I was able to heal so much faster.
Charles Fieldman Sarasota, FL

 I have arthritis really bad. It is pretty server and I was looking for a relaxing way to relieve the pain. I used the aqua relief system. It was like having in home therapy. I could use hot or cold therapy on the painful areas, but each time it helped.
Tom Mathews – Seattle, WA

 I love the cold therapy. It works so well. I use the arctic ice system a few times a week to help with my inflammation. It is so nice to not have to go to a doctors office each time I need relief.
Ashley Burke – Dallas TX

I have some major damage to my sacroiliac.The pain is so bad that even sleeping is hard to do. My doctor prescribed me the low profile SI belt. It fit perfectly and targeted the SI joints. The compression really helped with my posture and relieved the pain. This belt has made a world of a difference. I couldn’t live without it.
William Smitty Miami, FL

 I love the Trimod System belt. It is light weight and inconspicuous. I can wear the belt under my cloths and no one even knows. It fits my body perfectly and really helps with my back pain.
Patti Summers – Chicago, IL

 I have whiplash very bad from a car accident. The was sooo unbearable. I used the posture pump for 15 minutes while watching T.V. for the first time and couldn’t believe the results. I was able to move my head from side to side and it helped decrease the pain in my neck. It is portable so when I ever left town I could take it with me. If you have any cervical pain I would definitely try this product.
Cathy Tiffman – Winston Salem, NC

 I love the CVT1000. I travel all the time for work and have to look at my laptop all day. The cervical support really helps with my neck pain.
Luis Briar – Austin, TX

 Working in front of a computer all day and sometimes at night which is very stressful on my neck. My husband bought be the CVT2000 and it’s amazing. I wear it all the time and it really helps. I wish I knew about this sooner, but at least I have it now.
Stephanie Anderson – Jackson, SC

All I have to say is the posture pump works. It is a miracle product.
Tom Izzo – Hartford, CT

 We bought the Combo CPM for our rehabilitation unit. It was delivered right on schedule and our patients love the machine. We are getting great results and even referrals from our happy patients. We can’;t thank you enough.
James Witford – Boston, MA

Playing soccer is really hard on your legs and knees. After each game I wear my conductive knee garment and it really helps with the discomfort. It really works great and because of it I am able to play my favorite sport.
Josh Parker – Springfield, MO

I am a contractor and I work with my hands every day. My wife has to hear me complain about how achy my hands are after 20 years at my job. For Christmas she bought me a glove. At first I thought it was a joke, but once she told me what it did I said sure I will give it a try. I used the conduct glove and there isn’t a day I don;t come home and put that baby on. The following Christmas I bought all my employees each one.
Tim Burnell – Tampa FL

 I am very happy with the conductive glove. It was shipped to me quickly and it did just what it was suppose to do.
Vince Bertoli – Las Vegas, NV

My feet get really swollen and I didn’t know what to do. I asked around and my friend told me about this electric sock. I laughed and said what… She told me how it really helps with her inflammation and foot pain. I decided to buy it and she was right. It works great and I couldn’t be happier.
Sarah Lockett – Chris Smith

 I work for a chiropractor and he needed to me order a bulk order of double pads. He needed them ASAP and your personnel was able to place the order and ship it right away. Thanks so much for getting it to us with such short notice.
Kim Shepards – Clearwater FL

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