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Weed whacking is a serious business. This could mean the difference between a beautiful house with a clean yard and one that looks like a creepy abandoned place. So for all your weed whacking needs, take a look at the Echo weedeater SRM-265. This is a straight shaft type of gas powered weedeater.

The SRM-265 Echo weed eater has a 25.4-cc Power Boost Vortex Engine with a fuel capacity of 16.9 fl. oz. in a see-through fuel tank. This makes it very convenient for the user to know the status of the fuel preventing him from running out prematurely when on a big task. It uses the I-30 Starting System which reduces the starting effort of the engine by about 30% compared to other pull start engines.

Echo SRM22GES string trimmer Echo SRM22GES string trimmer

The engine is mounted on a heavy duty mount which significantly reduces vibrations. It is coupled with rubber over-mold handles which allows for a more comfortable grip and less stress on your arms and hands. The engine has a commercial-grade felt air filtration system which reduces the emissions of the engine. This makes it less annoying and generally safer for the user on long runs with this grass trimmer. I remember older trimmers having so much emission that it makes working for more than 10 minutes unbearable.

 Echo SRM 225 grass trimmer

There is also a harness ring where you can attach a harness. This helps the user so that they will not have to carry the whole weight of the machine with their arms. A harness is essential for comfort in using tools like this, so it’s good to know that they have not forgotten the basics.

This is a straight shaft trimmer which has a 59” shaft and uses a 4-layer flex cable drive to transfer the torque from the engine to the trimmer head. This actually means that the likelihood of the drive shaft breaking prematurely is reduced because of the flexibility. And like most Echo weed eaters, along with other brands, it uses a nylon line as the blade and comes with an adjustable guard for protection from debris.

I really have no complaints about this particular Echo weed eater. It hasn’t failed on me and I have been really satisfied with the purchase. You can look at other reviews to see that a lot of people agree with me that it is a decent machine. The only thing to note is the price tag on this thing. It is more expensive than other brands with comparable performance and functions.

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